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Next generation
wastewater system

Eliminate sludge + 100% reusable effluent

Patented technology
changing the game.

The number one contaminant in the world is wastewater. Sludge and dirty effluent has polluted rivers, lakes, oceans and reservoirs. Many municipal systems are archaic and broken, exasperating the problem.


Worldwide, people are waking up to the real problems with water: how it affects our daily lives and our future.  Advanced Wastewater Technologies Inc. (AWTI) exclusive partner, Global Water, has been a niche provider of the highest quality water purification and wastewater treatment equipment for nearly 30 years - primarily to the US Military on all types of water systems on 5 continents and into over 40 countries. 

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Industrial Tanks


Environmental Wastewater Recycling Unit (EWWRU)

Built to eliminate all organic sludge by an extended aerobic and continuous recycling process that will eliminate all needs to haul away sludge and remove the threat of sludge contamination.




All suspended solids either fall to the bottom or rise to the surface - fallen solids are continuously vacuumed up and delivered back to the Digester. Floating solids are captured in skimmers and also vacuumed back to the Digester.


Uses constant air flow and creates bacteria to "eat away" all organics.





All effluent that flows from the Claifier enters the Recycler. All suspended solids down to 5-10 Microns are captured and periodically back-flushed to the Digester.

Patented Water Purification

Patented Nano-Technology combined with ultraviolet process will kill (or make inactive) all bacteria and viruses to meet or exceed requirements of all State and Federal EPA standards for re-use/recycled affluent or even potable water.


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